20 Mar

Whether it is your hot tea or cold coffee, you were always dependent on plastic cups. But not anymore, as now there are biodegradable alternatives to the paper cups, and they are eco friendly and inexpensive as well. By consciously choosing a green product, we positively contribute towards a clean and healthy world.

There are some companies today that manufacture paper cups using Polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from 100% renewable resource of fermented plant starch. While it retains the sturdiness of a plastic, it is easily compostable and aptly called bioplastic. PLA cups, the best alternative to paper cups can handle the hottest drinks, and are freezer safe as well.

Conforming to US Food & Drug Administration guidelines, new paper cups are sterilized, sanitized, and non-toxic. Moreover, since these cups are compostable, they magically help to get rid of the litter.


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