Regular Coffee Cups Are Not Recyclable

5 Mar

Why do we write about biodegardable cups, whay not biodegardable cleaning materials. First of all we wanted to have a dedicated place on the Internet where we could express in depth on the subject and talk about cups in general and biodegardable ones in particular. We usem every day, in the morning, duering coffee brake or lunch. In 50% of occurances we use paper cups… and them we through them away… and most of them end up in landfield.

Popular coffee shop “Starbucks” sells 57.24 million coffee cups a week in North America only. Were all those cups go is no longer a matter of curiosity, it’s a painfull question. And the answer to that question could be new biodegardable coffee cups.

biodegradable cups, biodegradable plates, biodegradable clamshells, biodegradable take-out containers


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